Tan Care | O.C. Tan 2 U Custom Airbrush Tanning Rancho Santa Margarita

I’ve Booked my Spray Tan! How do I prepare?

1) SCRUB YOUR SKIN! Exfoliation is ESSENTIAL for a long lasting, even tan, and should be performed within 24 hours of your session. Ideal exfoliation is done Airbrush Spray Tan Carein the shower, using brown sugar or exfoliating gloves. Apply a cupful of brown sugar to the entire body and rub in circular motions, or pair exfoliating gloves with soap or body wash and scrub from head to toe. Skin should be pink, or even slightly red, after proper exfoliation. Do NOT use oil based exfoliating products, which prevent the solution from penetrating into the skin.
If you have sunless or self-tanner on your skin: For even results, remove any previous sunless tan. Unlike UV tanning, sunless tanning cannot be layered; every application should be removed before applying another.  This thorough exfoliation may requires more than brown sugar. Pair coarse washcloths or exfoliating gloves with simple body washes or bar soap. Add water, and scrub, scrub, scrub! This will slough the tired, dead skin cells off the previous sunless tan.

2) Shaving and Waxing: If you wax, do so at least 24 hours before your session. You can shave up to 8 hours prior to your spray tan, but steer clear of shaving cream! Use hair conditioner or shave lotion.

3) Do NOT use anything the day of that is oil based (lotions, shaving cream, body scrubs, etc.).

4) Make sure skin is clean and free of any body lotion, deodorant, makeup, and jewelry.  O.C. TAN 2 U Sunless Spray Tan Studio regularly stocks premium face wash & towels for your convenience.

5) Check the weather forecast. If rain is in the radar, grab an umbrella and dress accordingly. We recommend full-length pants, rain/snow boots, and zip up jackets with hoods. Spray tans and water DO NOT MIX.

6) Consider your ensemble!  For even results, we suggest dark, baggy clothing (NO DENIM), open toe shoes, and strapless, loose fitting bras (go braless if possible).  O.C. Tan 2 U Sunless Spray Tan Studio sells comfortable bandeaus and cute, colorful maxi dresses for the fashionista on the go.

7) Plan pedicures a day or two before your tanning session, or get a polish change only. Nail salons use soaks that remove the color from your legs & feet.

What Should I do while my Tan Develops (Over the Next 8-10 Hours)?

Avoid contact with ALL water & moisture for the first 4 hours.

Do NOT shower for 8-10 hours.

Avoid activities that may cause skin exfoliation such as, working out and wearing tight clothing including jeans.

Do NOT touch the palms of your hands to your tanned skin. If contact occurs, wash your hands with soap immediately to prevent your palms from turning orange.

Keep calm if you see the bronzer rub off on your clothes or car seat! Any rub-off from the temporary bronzer will easily wash out of most fabrics. While the tan develops, avoid nylon, wool, dry clean only & delicate fabrics that may absorb the bronzer. For cotton clothing, simply wash as usual, as soaking is typically unnecessary.  After the first shower, the bronzer will not adhere to fabric. We do have disposable car seat covers for sale in salon for $5 that are reusable. Just ask for one at checkout.

How do I Keep my Spray Tan from Fading?

Be gentle when showering. Hand wash with bar soap & pat dry. No scrubbing! Use cleansing moisturizers not designed primarily for fragrance (i.e. do NOT use Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret products). Also stay away from oils, body washes & other oil based products.

After showering, apply moisturizer- The more moisture, the longer the tan. Same goes for dry skin -the drier the skin, the quicker the tan fades. Choose moisturizers that do not contain mineral oil, which strips the color from a spray tan. Check product labels for this ingredient, as many lotions do contain mineral oil. If you do not have lotions that are mineral oil free, we suggest one of our many affordable moisturizers. The products we carry are designed for spray tanned skin and will promote long lasting and even fading results.

Products and Ingredients that quickly fade spray tan color: Baby oil, Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret products, shaving cream, cocoa butter, oil based products, and products containing mineral oil, alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s), alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, & salicylic acid.

Avoid activities that strip spray tan color: Swimming (unless you received our moisture seal), massages w/oil, hot tubs and long, hot baths.

Important Information about Swimming-
Spray tans fade very quickly in pools, lakes, rivers, and salt water. Our Moisture Seal Treatment prevents your tan from fading in the water. It is best to limit swimming activity and apply waterproof sunscreen every two hours (even if it’s an SPF of 8). To ensure ideal tanning results, we highly recommend the Moisture Seal Treatment and waterproof SPF before engaging in ANY swimming.